Song Remake

2008-09-03 16:48:47 by Mushroomhead18nc

If any of you like my work with my remix of songs.. then post a comment with a song you would like for me to try and redo.. Keep in mind though it has to be a fairly popular song and it mainly has to be a rock or metal tune... I cant transcribe by ear so I use powertab editor and then once the notes are all down. I'll go in and though in my own jam to it like changing some notes/chords.. or rhythms and adding different instruments.. but drop a line if you would like to hear a song in a techno form and I'll try to do it for ya


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2009-01-31 09:05:11

thanks alot for trying to help me and i like all your audio its like nothing ive seen before in my life time you are such an inspiration

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

well I appreciate it.. Ive never been an inspiration especially from my music.. because its just something I do when Im bored.. not really a profession at all.. lol


2009-02-15 17:27:35

Awe :[ I Was Hoping You'd Remix One Of MY SONGS!? haha... But You KNow, I'm None Of Those Things Above. But Whatever. How About.... IDK I Don't Really Listen To Metal.. "SOAD --> Needles"


2009-02-25 00:07:08

Yeah, about the review I made on Never Understand, I honestly thought there was a piano genre. And I can understand your attempt at trying to get positive critique to build upon. And nothing against you, its just that I'm a critical reviewer of techno. I go as far as breaking down the melody and composition of the piece and the utilization of the synths. So I'm sorry if I gave the review a harsh look over.

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

thanks for the honesty.. I just thought reviewing my piece only because it was submitted in the wrong category isnt right


2010-06-21 10:32:55

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