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great idea

the only thing I have to critque is the fact thatin the last DBGT movie ever made.. Son goku looked to be the main character if they were to continue a series because Pan was a grandma.. and very old in that movie and Son Goku was searching for his great-grandpas 4star DragonBall.. So I think they would do another Dragonball type series just with people like Vegeta,Gohan,Goten and trunks in it since saiyans dont age..

But yours was a good idea and nicely drawn out.. I look forward to seeing your actuall episodes if you plan to make any

to Killer731

Technically it was cell smashing Android 16's face which cause his power to slip because he was an android who loved life... so yeah

anywho.. towards your flash...

The drawing was simply amazing... very nicely done.. I loved the over lay of the original voice overs in the movie.. the ONLY thing I did not like was the Kamahameha was in the Japanese cartoons which I find their voices annoying but over all very nicely done with this


very good actuallu.. very creative.. keep it up

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this is awesome

it reminded me alot of maniac mansion with the clues and only talk to, use, and grab options.. NES was the system and maniac mansion was a badass game.. this is the modern version of it and its awesome.. job well done

skideh responds:

Thanks :)
That was the style of game play I was going for. I am a big fan of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle (and that whole genre).
It just turned out like a horror game :P

im good and guitar hero and love the game

but the notes are coming in way too fast.. and it makes even the best ppl at guitar hero make the game hard and not many ppl like that now days.. slow doen the notes and it would be a great game.. think about it.. most ppl that play guitar hero play on medium or hard.. and your playing this flash game on a pc.. using a keyboard which makes it even harder... so chill it down.. its a good design and concept though


I generally dont like flash games here on ngs// im a music man myself and this game was so addictive and nice little ending.. I loved it

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Love it

Im honestly not a big fan of the singing.. but hell years of listening to metal ive learned to block out singing anyway so fuck what I said... The chorus singing isnt to bad..

But holy shit I love pretty pianos and low ass fucking beefy in your face guitar sounds.. theres just something there that makes me want to nut everywhere.. I guess its the difference in the sounds... Classical beautfiul piano Vs. Thrashed out balls guitar.. but blended sound amazing..

Great job with this one buddy

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, fucking sorry for the late reply on this, dude. Didn't see it at all. :(

Thanks for the kick ass review. I was the same about metal too. But dude, I was around when Metallica formed. Now they are old washed out fucks. So it has been pretty hard for me to accept certain things over the years.

Haha, glad you dig it overall.

good but bad mixing

IT sounds good and its great to see you improving.. I remember your first entries and your way better than you were when I met you... heres some thing to work on in this song though

-Your bass sounds dont mix well as a group.. Im getting a huge clutter of mud sound from your sound

-Your lead line needs some EQ work because its dipping down into the bass frequencies and again making the whole thing muddy.. you need some highs other than the vocals in this track to make it sound good..

-Your drums are good.. I can hear the kick all the way through and it doesnt clip or get lost in the mix.

-I would say just to work on your leads and dont use so many damn saw synths at once.. that just makes for a cluster fuck of bad sound lol

Nicely done

The Intro was so badass and then it stopped... your piano work is beautiful sounding... When the drums come in... you should have kept the piano part in and then gone into the next transition... the techno part of this song is severely lacking.... It sounds empty through out the whole end of the song.. you need a lot of layers in this song because the beginning has tons of delay and reverb.. but the techno part comes in and it sounds very dull and just cut off...

You have good ideas... but you need to work more on the "techno" parts of this song... even if you dont have great plugins you can still make good sounds with only a parametric eg and Reverb or chorus which almost any daw program has...
try and learn how to transition the pieces better and this song will be incredible.. I herard 0 buildups in the song itself and if its a techno song then here has got to be buildups.. they dont have to be crazy like a normal buildup.. just a burst in energy somewhere throughout the changing pieces... buildups help tremendously in techno.. look into that and making your own sounds..

DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Alright, so a good buildup. I guess to keep it on the sane side the slider would work pretty well. I'll be sure to change that transition, thanks man.

I like to dabble in metal,rock,techno, & rap.

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