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I like to dabble in metal,rock,techno, & rap.

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Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - May 1st, 2017

Hello everyone. I used to be really active on this website while growing up and I'm coming back just from all the reviews and community here. So it's been about at least 5+ years since I've uploaded anything. I'm about to release some tunes for all of you. Look forward to being back and hearing what you guys and gals have to say. 

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - December 25th, 2009

Also one last thing

When leaving a review on my music... please make sure to give out my strengths and weaknesses.. Dont only give out weaknesses because then I have to quit making music...

If i have no strengths in a particualr submission then say so but be nice about it..

Also list your personal opinions.. if its a style you dont like,Instrument you dont like,Buildup or Melody line then lay it out.. but also try to suggest something else I could do to improve myself.. thats the whole reason I love newgrounds is learning from other musicians and people who listen to the music itself..

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - December 12th, 2009

I have been stuck with a massive writers block lately and cant seem to 1. find the time or 2. have the patience to write out a full length song... all i have are intros and breakdowns..

So im going to try my best to boot up my old comeputer and grab my old FLP files and re-write some of my old classics with better sounding VST's and the general mixing and mastering knowledge I have now as opposed to what I had back then.. so stay tuned for updates

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - June 14th, 2009

If any of you reading this would like for me to make you song to use in a Flash Creation then just get me a shout...

I can write a wide variety of music..

I can do Techno/Trance
Piano Pieces
Modern Rock
Rock Fused with Techno Sounds..

Anything really.. If you want something done just leave how long you want it to be.. what style.. give me some sounds you would like to hear.. what kind of overall style and tempo should it be at...

After im done you will be notified immediately.. The song will be compressed as low as possible in MP3 Format and will also be mastered to its loudest potential without clips...

So leave somethin here or send a PM if you really want it done.. I check my messages quicker then I would responses to this..Check out some of my songs if you want to hear what Im talking about different styles.. There quite a few of them

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - September 3rd, 2008

If any of you like my work with my remix of songs.. then post a comment with a song you would like for me to try and redo.. Keep in mind though it has to be a fairly popular song and it mainly has to be a rock or metal tune... I cant transcribe by ear so I use powertab editor and then once the notes are all down. I'll go in and though in my own jam to it like changing some notes/chords.. or rhythms and adding different instruments.. but drop a line if you would like to hear a song in a techno form and I'll try to do it for ya

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - January 11th, 2008

You may use my songs only if you ask first and give full credit too afterwards or before hand to me the author. I will not deny you request to use one of my songs but please run it by me first and let me know when the product is finished. Thats it

"Best Band Ever"

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - December 27th, 2007

question. I Rate other peoples work on the music page and have done very little on the flash page but I dont get expierence for it.. I rate more than 5times and still get nothing. so is something messed up?

Posted by Mushroomhead18nc - December 25th, 2007

So yeah I make music and post it on myspace for my buddies to hear and I have to different myspace's one for my songs i write that are rock and roll with a guitar and the other one is the one that has my techno and stuff on it. the links can be found in my profile.