Music Creation

2009-06-14 08:40:45 by Mushroomhead18nc

If any of you reading this would like for me to make you song to use in a Flash Creation then just get me a shout...

I can write a wide variety of music..

I can do Techno/Trance
Piano Pieces
Modern Rock
Rock Fused with Techno Sounds..

Anything really.. If you want something done just leave how long you want it to be.. what style.. give me some sounds you would like to hear.. what kind of overall style and tempo should it be at...

After im done you will be notified immediately.. The song will be compressed as low as possible in MP3 Format and will also be mastered to its loudest potential without clips...

So leave somethin here or send a PM if you really want it done.. I check my messages quicker then I would responses to this..Check out some of my songs if you want to hear what Im talking about different styles.. There quite a few of them


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