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Far Away From You Far Away From You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it

Im honestly not a big fan of the singing.. but hell years of listening to metal ive learned to block out singing anyway so fuck what I said... The chorus singing isnt to bad..

But holy shit I love pretty pianos and low ass fucking beefy in your face guitar sounds.. theres just something there that makes me want to nut everywhere.. I guess its the difference in the sounds... Classical beautfiul piano Vs. Thrashed out balls guitar.. but blended sound amazing..

Great job with this one buddy

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, fucking sorry for the late reply on this, dude. Didn't see it at all. :(

Thanks for the kick ass review. I was the same about metal too. But dude, I was around when Metallica formed. Now they are old washed out fucks. So it has been pretty hard for me to accept certain things over the years.

Haha, glad you dig it overall.

Dont Stop - Omega4.5 -WiP- Dont Stop - Omega4.5 -WiP-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good but bad mixing

IT sounds good and its great to see you improving.. I remember your first entries and your way better than you were when I met you... heres some thing to work on in this song though

-Your bass sounds dont mix well as a group.. Im getting a huge clutter of mud sound from your sound

-Your lead line needs some EQ work because its dipping down into the bass frequencies and again making the whole thing muddy.. you need some highs other than the vocals in this track to make it sound good..

-Your drums are good.. I can hear the kick all the way through and it doesnt clip or get lost in the mix.

-I would say just to work on your leads and dont use so many damn saw synths at once.. that just makes for a cluster fuck of bad sound lol

**Insomnia** **Insomnia**

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicely done

The Intro was so badass and then it stopped... your piano work is beautiful sounding... When the drums come in... you should have kept the piano part in and then gone into the next transition... the techno part of this song is severely lacking.... It sounds empty through out the whole end of the song.. you need a lot of layers in this song because the beginning has tons of delay and reverb.. but the techno part comes in and it sounds very dull and just cut off...

You have good ideas... but you need to work more on the "techno" parts of this song... even if you dont have great plugins you can still make good sounds with only a parametric eg and Reverb or chorus which almost any daw program has...
try and learn how to transition the pieces better and this song will be incredible.. I herard 0 buildups in the song itself and if its a techno song then here has got to be buildups.. they dont have to be crazy like a normal buildup.. just a burst in energy somewhere throughout the changing pieces... buildups help tremendously in techno.. look into that and making your own sounds..

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DisconnectedFromGame responds:

Alright, so a good buildup. I guess to keep it on the sane side the slider would work pretty well. I'll be sure to change that transition, thanks man.

Earsex [Omega4.5] Earsex [Omega4.5]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

sounds good

I like it... the sounds are nice together.. the only i dont like however is this song is really repetitive.. I understand its a house tune but there needs to be some variation in it like extra layers or a new bassline.. or some counter melody going on or something of that sort... I think i could work on that..

other than that I like it...
5/5 8/10

Please give my new song "Club BDub" a listen to and review

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OmegaGlow responds:

Oh i understand this is in fact like, my first attempt at making my House a bit more crisp you know? So i spent a lot of times on Making sure everything sounded crisp yet i got stuck a bit on the bass/leads and such but this is just a step towards better stuff, im currently on something else and it looks pretty promising. Thx for the score/Review though really does mean a lot.


[Omega4.5] Demoniac [Omega4.5] Demoniac

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good style

Well this is actually a Techno song and not a trance song.. I think you could have gave the drums some move movement though becuase techno is all about the drums and thats the number one ingredient in a techno song.. Trance songs are more the opposite.. trance songs are about the melodies and bass lines just with a pretty stadard techno drum beat behind it...I would really call this electro music either electro is more stuff like high sounding sines and im really one thing in this tune and its the bass.. its not a bad thing but its one thing I keep hearing clear..the bass sounds like a low saw... most electro music doesnt consist of low synths and also dont really have the snare buildups like techno does... hears something else that will help ya out.. When you write a song.. dont say ok what genre am I going to write.. just write it.. Music is supposed to be something from the heart anyway.. it doesnt matter what style it is.. if its a cross between techno/country and metal then so be it.. its from the heart then its music... I think your so struck on trying to find a new genre that your changing one thing and using past expierence to write.. just write what comes to mind.. how you want it to sound.. your the author.. do what you think is right.. dont follow style guidelines...

Look forward to hearing more from ya

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OmegaGlow responds:

Ah this be true, i am trying to find my own genre yet sometimes i dont know myself what to call my stuff. I decided to stop making attempts at trance and other genre's and juts go with it you know? No worries, im already working on something else.


8-bit Storm 8-bit Storm

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really nice

I love the main tones are 8bit but your bass and pads are in stereo and are the more modernized sounds.. they actually compliment each other VERY WELL.. I think thats why I like this song especially vs other 8bit remixes... 8bit sounds awesome for about 1minute... but since you added in the bass it fills the hole and it really does sound.. your still using the vintage style drums which i think fits this.. itd sound goofy with real drums or a kick drum lol...

Nice melodies in here.. amazing countermelodies.. the spiraling arpessgios are amazing sounding.. you have what it takes to make a great muscian... keep me posted if you post anything else like this... 8bit or not.. I wanna hear some good stuff here

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The Epic Sound (Preview) The Epic Sound (Preview)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yeah dude

I'll admit when it started I though it was going to be another newbie with fruity loops but man when the envelope came in I knew you already knew what your doing.. Im really diggin this tune.. Its so beautiful and yet its got the dancy feel.. seriously this song to me sounds like a cross between the Titanic theme and Maybe by Toby Emerson... You should listen to that song, just go to youtube.. I think you would really enjoy it..

I seriously have nothing to critique here.. all the sounds fit perfectly, mastered well, the kick could be brought up a couple more notches though... its a lilttle quiet and I know you dont want it to overdrown the song out.. beautiful sounding piano and gates.... Nice cymbals as well... keep me informed of when the final version will be out

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Dj-Noxid responds:

Hey man! Thanks for the review. And ofc. i'll inform you :)

[TMM43] Sundance [TMM43] Sundance

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I remember your work back when you where doing songs like maybe and digital girl and hard sounds... This song is not even a comparison to your old songs... This song is absoulety brilliant.. I seriously have nothing at all to critique on this.. its mastered very well and all the sounds flow well together and its all loud and bassy and EQ'ed just so nicely... Lots of verb in the song to keep the transistions smooth...

The melodies are amazing... Simple yet catchy... thats hard to do.. most people have to make complicated melodies and counter melodies to make something catch and stick...

Just wondering if this is your original work or if its another cover song... I know how you like to do cover songs and they are great also but I really want to hear what you can do on your own creations.. Im sure its great

5/5 10/10.. .and you should know I dont give out 10's easily... Ive given a 10 to maybe 3songs on the NG audio portal..

You and Cajete are seriously my favorite NG artists by far

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Ain't talking bout love(techno Ain't talking bout love(techno

Rated 4 / 5 stars


pretty good man.. I feel ya with guitar pro the guitar and trying to write into fruity loops.. I re-wrote Dragonforces-through the fire and flames into techno and wow thats a lot of notes to be looking at.. and there so damn high they all blend together.. it becomes a real pain in the ass about 20mins in to it haha

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Agreed man. haha. Thanks for the review!

New Truth, Said the Skyline New Truth, Said the Skyline

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good but....

from what Im hearing so far I like it but theres a couple of things I dont like

1. some of your instruments are still clipping.. thats what it sounds like on a pair of headphones anyway.. I never write music without headphones on..

2.. It feels like your going for an ambient type genre here rather than techno.. Im not really feeling the techno vibe.. they may be due to the tempo..

3.. The one plugin your using that sounds like a 8bit plugin isnt working out here.. its kind of annoying to my ears really..

4.. I still love your piano plugin though.. still beautiful sounding

5.. The rest of the song is good although I think it could use a tad more bass and bring your drums up a little in level with it being a Techno song.. I can barely hear the kick when all the instruments are in..

Thats about all I have for the downfalls...Its a good song.. and has alot of great potential.. Lots of diminshed/minor chords.. probally what gives it that ambience feel.. all and all I like it..

please review my newest song called "0ne Night in The Club"

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Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks. Yeah I might change it to Ambient in genre listing